What purpose does it serve for Saul Indian Horse to tell his story?

“You will need to create your own thesis for one of the questions below.
Remember to think analytically … Ask the questions: How and Why these answers are
significant in response to the topic? Ask yourself, what is Richard Wagamese saying
about your topic? What is he trying to show us about the topic? And of course, VALUE
THE PROCESS!” – my teacher

times new roman 12pt font


  • Write a summary of what you have learned regarding your prison sentencing reforms policy in general.
  • Discuss and develop a PowerPoint presentation to deliver to key stakeholders that examines why this Prison Sentencing Reforms should be implemented.
  • What factors should be considered to ensure that nurses working in acute care settings meet the six Institute of Medicines (IOM) Aims for Improving Healthcare Quality?
  • What purpose does it serve for Saul Indian Horse to tell his story?
  • Discuss your views about the effects of students cultural and prior educational backgrounds on their school performance.
  • What is the current status including the etiology, current treatments, problems with the current treatments (can be anything for e.g., DDI, narrow therapeutic index, dose titration, toxicity, food restriction, need for blood level monitoring etc).
  • Write a paper on human reproduction and development questions.
  • Describe your background and experiences with technology and with any prior online courses or programs.
  • Briefly describe the historical event you have chosen to analyze as well as the research question you will attempt to answer in your essay.
  • Identify an organizational problem to solve within your current workplace or industry and use an affinity diagram to brainstorm the root causes of the organizational problem and potential solutions for addressing it.