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Jim had a retail business that sells computers and electronic gadgets. He used to manage his business with the help of spreadsheets. You as an IT student need to help Jim by creating an MS Access database to keep and manage his business data. Some of the information that Jim keeps is that of his customers, the products the business sells, the orders placed by the customers, the products sold in each order, and the employees that sell

products, etc.Jim wants to keep the following information for each of the entities mentioned earlier.

About his customers (Customer), he wants to keep:

• CusID: customer ID to uniquely identify each customer (e.g., 200000)

• FName: to record the customer’s first name (e.g., John)

• LName: to record the customer’s last name (e.g., Kennedy)

• Phone: to record the customer’s phone number (e.g., 0432 100 000)

• Email: to record the customer’s email address (e.g.,

• Address: to record the customer’s address (e.g., 99 Some Rd, Some suburb, VIC)

About the customer orders (Order), he wants to keep:

• OrderID: the unique ID that identifies each order (e.g., 1100000)

• CID: the unique ID of a customer that made the purchase, which is generated in the Customer table (e.g., 200000)

• ShippingAddress: the address to where the order needs to be shipped

• OrderDate: the date on which the order was placed (e.g., 20/02/2020)

• StatusDate: the date on which the current status was set (OrderStatus); each time the order status is updated, this date also gets updated

• OrderStatus: the status of the order (e.g., Ordered, Processing, Despatched, Delivered)

• EmpID: the ID of the employee who placed the order

• OrderTotal: the total cost of the order (e.g., 256.89) About the products (Product), he wants to keep:

• ProductID: the unique number to distinguish each different product (e.g., 100000

Task 1

For this task you must create the database and all the tables in it, and establish the relationship between the tables. The database must be named ‘xxx_CSE1ITX_A4_Database.accdb’, where ‘xxx’ must be replaced with your student number.

A. Create a Microsoft Access database with the database tables as shown in Figure 1.

Based on the information and examples provided in the background section above, you must create the table fields. You must:

1. Use the appropriate datatypes for each of the fields.

2. Identify and define the primary keys.

C. For the following fields, use a lookup wizard ( ) in the data type selection field to create a combo box linking them to the relevant tables.

Note: You won’t see the data shown in the figures below as you have not entered them into the database.

a. OrderProduct:


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