Advanced Soil Mechanics Coursework (CW)

Assignment Task

Learning outcome:

Student would be able to interpret test data to obtain geotechnical parameters for the design of a spectrum of geotechnical structures such as foundations, showing how health and safety issues are addressed. Select and evaluate strength parameters to be used in geotechnical design taking into account a variety of soil types and loading conditions    


The following guidance has been developed based on previous submissions. It provides advice on general good practice for the presentation of work in both an academic and professional settings.

All equations are to be typed via word equation editor.

1) Equations, figures (including graphs) and tables require numbering and a descriptive caption e.g. “Figure 1: Graph of particle size distribution”.

2) Graphs should include a title, axes’ titles, units and where applicable a legend and annotations.

3) Symbols in all equations/expressions presented must be explained in detail in the main text.

4) All figures and tables must be referred to in the main text, and discussed in the main text, e.g. “Referring to Figure 1 the particle size distribution is that of a uniformly graded soil”.

Discussion should not be included in the caption.

5) All numerical results must include units (with the exception of dimensionless values, e.g., specific gravity ???????? ).

6) Full marks are awarded where there is a clear demonstration of independent thought and application of your understanding. 

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