What was the issue, facts, and ultimate holding of the court?

1. Often we think of ourselves as consumers but if you look at things from a business person’s perspective protecting our interests is paramount. Secured interests can help protect creditors. Find a case that addresses a security interest. What was the issue, facts, and ultimate holding of the court?

2.Bankruptcy laws have changed over time. Give a brief summary of some of the changes that have occurred and the bankruptcy chapters that are currently in place. Why do most people file bankruptcy? Is the Code ethical? What is the philosophy behind the Bankruptcy code?

3.We will be exploring all types of property and property rights. There are a lot of standard forms that you can find on the web relating to property i.e. leases, deeds, wills, etc. Find one of these forms, post the link, and summarize it for your fellow students. Now, state what you would add or delete from this form. This is an important exercise since many blindly follow/sign forms without reading it or understanding what it actually states.

4.Some laws relating to property come from statutes and some come from case law. Let’s take a look at the statutory laws. Find a law relating to one of our topics, post a summary and include your citation. This can be federal or state law. What did you learn from this statute?

A paragraph for each question.


  • In which respects does democracy require equality, and in which ways does capitalism undermine this equality?
  • Compare and contrast the early 1800 care to 21st Century issues.
  • Write a “Formal Report” on a consumer product you or a business might consider buying.
  • What was the issue, facts, and ultimate holding of the court?
  • Describe and explain behavior, including private events, in behavior analytic (non-mentalistic) terms.
  • What is the role of the teacher in a differentiated instruction class?
  • Explain why is the concept of radiative forcing critical to understanding the causes of global climate change?
  • Define water pollution, point source pollution, and non-point-source pollution.
  • What are the arguments for and against genetically modified crops?
  • Discuss the differences between dissociative identity disorder (formerly known as multiple personality disorder) and schizophrenia.