Mental Health Stigma

Think of a question for which you will need to do some historical research to gain insights based on the stigma of mental health. Give 1 example of a case where mental health was not taken seriously. Example where the stigma might have began. Give some examples of primary, secondary, and tertiary sources you could use to find this information. What could be an obstacle(s) and cause the results of your research to be less useful than you were hoping?


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  • Please read each of the articles and write a Reflection Paper on each of the articles in the content format below. This is NOT a summary. Share in each paragraph your reflection/emotions. What made you sad? What made you angry? Where were you scratching your head?
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  • Mental Health Stigma
  • How does the concept of wisdom in nursing informatics compare to the concept of professional nursing judgment? What is DIKW and how do you “use” it in your practice?
  • scholarly sources and popular sources