Social Networking Cohort Segmentation Paper

Cohort segmentation is a method used to segment the market for the greatest strategic implications. Find a healthcare related service, product, or organization on one of a multitude of social networking sites. Review the seven categories. Which cohort segmentation section is the service, product, or organization geared for on the site? Why would this type of marketing be successful?
Select another cohort segmentation category. From a management perspective, what recommendations could you make to the marketing department to broaden the marketing efforts to include another cohort segmentation not currently being targeted.


  • Conduct some business intelligence for your marketing plan this week. Provide a brief overview of your competition. Who/What is your competition? What influence does your competition have on pricing or providing service? What should you be prepared for? Review the Competitive Analysis on page 556 of your textbook.
  • Social Networking Cohort Segmentation Paper
  • Identify and describe the five Is related to service marketing. Include why each of the five Is are challenging? Provide examples from within your organization for each of the five Is. Explain how, as a manager, you are able to influence the five Is.
  • Identify the differences between marketing and advertising. Provide one example of each from your organization. In addition, review the code of ethics for advertising and include your thoughts on the code as it relates to marketing and advertising.
  • How are you going to communicate the service you plan to market? Where do you plan on marketing? Provide some information on your Marketing Mix found on pages 558 and 559.
  • What is a channel of distribution? Explain how a healthcare organization works to meet the demands of the consumers. How is the channel of distribution effective in meeting the demands of the consumers?
  • Describe the customer relationship management process. Is the process effective? What are the main reasons why consumers choose to leave a healthcare organization? How do you know? As a manager, what recommendations would you offer to improve consumer loyalty
  • Once again, acting as an outside consultant, create a 2- to 3-page report (not counting the title page or reference section) for the organizations leadership that addresses the following:
  • Leadership and the Tribe
  • Ethics and Cybersecurity