Is there something about you that is unique?

Module 4 – Case
Assignment Overview

Market Yourself by Sharing Your Story

As you move closer to earning a Trident MBA, there will be more opportunities to tell your story and motivate the next generation. Video and in-person speaking engagements are a natural part of career progression.

Session Long Project 4 Resources
Jason and Jacqueline Hauck – Trident Alumni
Donna Brock – Trident University Alumna
Romualdo Humarang – Trident Alumnus
Maurice Owens- Alumnus
Dr. Kerri Wood- Trident Alumna
Stephen Johnson – Trident Student
Daena Pressler – Trident Student
Randolph Koram Alumnus

Case Assignment
What is Your Story?

Your MBA journey is coming to an end. Youve learned about business disciplines and developed skills that will serve you now and in the future. It is time to present yourself as a role model for tomorrows leaders. Be compelling.


Write a 250- to 350-word document sharing your professional story. First, let us know what you do for a living and where you work(ed). Include a brief discussion of how your Trident education will help you achieve career goals.
IDEAS: Is there something about you that is unique? Did you overcome obstacles? Will you be the first to earn a graduate degree in your family? Talk about why you started grad school; perhaps you can inspire someone else.


  • Analyze the policy, and then draw conclusions and make recommendations. If it is accessible via a link, please make sure it is publicly accessible.
  • Describe how you applied a course lesson in your professional or personal life. Is there a topic from the subject that you would like to study in more depth after graduation? Explain why.
  • Describe how to narrow the focus of a topic in the humanities
  • Is there something about you that is unique?
  • What has been your past experiences with college writing, if any?
  • How does the dystopian or post-apocalyptic world presented so far in your novel differ most from our present world?
  • How has media truts influenced the following issues impacting Americans today
  • How could public and private partnerships be developed to offer social safety nets to low-income youths who are working in informal and non-standard forms of employment?
  • How does global stratification impact local culture? What are the positive and negative effects?
  • Create a basic graphic or illustration that represents the visual appearance of the organ you selected. Your graphic or illustration can be very basic this week because you will add to it in the upcoming weeks assignments. Capture the main features that would make the organ recognizable.