MGMT410 Strategic Management : Accounting Techniques

This is an individual assignment and accounts for 25% of your total grade.

The list of assigned cases is available on D2L front page and has been sent by email. The cases have been assigned based on your preferences.

The comprehensive case analysis should incorporate all the main themes, techniques, matrices, including External Audit (EFE), Internal Audit (IFE), Matching Strategies, CPM, BCG, Grand Strategy, QSPM, IE, SWOT.

The case analysis should effectively apply the business and management concepts, including marketing mix, financial ratios, management, MIS, and accounting techniques.

You should present your case analysis as a) a written report, b) a short 5–7-minute video presentation (See the guidelines in the syllabus).

Briefly, the case analysis should be about:
identification of some problems and strategic issues,
identification of the underlying causes based on external and internal audits
offering strategic options,
selecting appropriate strategies
justifying the strategic options,
implementing them (recommendations).

You should incorporate the following concepts and techniques into your case analysis:

A brief account of the case and strategic issues:

Vision/Mission (very briefly)

The External Assessment (include EFE)

The Internal Assessment (include IFE, Include some Financial Ratios)

Strategies + Strategy Analysis + Choice of Strategies (Include at least 3 of: SWOT Matrix, Grand Strategy Matrix, SPACE Matrix, IE Matrix, BCG Matrix)

Recommendation, Implementation, Justification (Include QSPM)

Important Notes:

The case analysis should be done within the original time frame and context and based on the provided information (For example, for a 2018 case, you should use the data before 2018 not after 2018!)

You may (are encouraged to) use any external resources including third party reports, annual reports, business datasets, and library resources

You should include ALL required tables, matrices, charts, figures into your report. They are excluded from the Maximum 15-page limit.