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Provide a brief explanation of at least three software applications that can be used to develop business documents. For each software application give an example of a business document that can be developed using the software.


Outline three functions of word processing software.


Describe the two ways that Word documents can be formatted.


Discuss three ways that formatting can be used to improve the appearance and readability of a document.


Outline three main features of Power Point.


Explain the purpose of a style guide.


List three examples of information that could be included in a style guide.


Give three style choices that will enhance a document and make it easier to write it.


List at least two barriers to successfully implementing an organisation’s policies and procedures. Suggest a strategy that could address each of these.

You are the Administration Officer for Burleigh Accountants. Your main duties as the Administration Officer include administering the day to day activities of the office, including organising meetings and travel, producing a range of business documents, providing assistance and support to all senior managers, and answering a range of client enquiries.As the Administration Officer, it is your responsibility to design and produce the monthly staff newsletter based on information provided to you by the Office Manager. The newsletter has only recently been implemented as an initiative designed to keep employees up to date and to improve employee morale. There is a standard template for use.Each month, the newsletter includes a number of regular items including industry spotlight, health at work, employee spotlight, new clients and news and upcoming events.

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