BSBPMG515 Manage Project Human Resources & Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

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Assignment Task

Research, list and summarise in 1 or 2 sentences workplace relations legislation, regulations and policies.

  • Complete a project organisational chart and place each job title on it.
  • Complete the resource matrix for a project you have managed OR use one of the case studies. (see Assessment Resources) The matrix is derived from the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). For each task on the WBSyou need to list the job title of the human resource that you require and estimated time requirements.
  • Choose 1 job title from your project organisation chart in P2211.2 and create a project role description specific to the project. Include aspects i.e. authority levels, communication channels, responsibilities, qualifications required, training required, measurable performance criteria
  • plain how you would negotiate with people within the organisation to clearly define project role descriptions. Also list who you would need to negotiate with and why
  • For 3 project Role Descriptions, determine the individual’s performance criteria and determine the best action to overcome shortfalls in performancE
  • ck a remedial action required to oversee shortfall in performance from the previous exercise and explain in 6-8 sentences what you would do to improve an individual’s performance if identified.
  • Create a template for a report you would use to monitor.

The remedial actions undertaken

  • External and Internal influences on the individual’s remedial action
  • The project’s team performance changes
  • The project’s team morale changes

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