Strategic communications

The second case study must focus on a current or recent strategic communication campaign. You have complete freedom to choose among all the subjects covered by the course (crisis, management, internal or external communication, profit or non-profit organizations, )

The case analysis should follow the same contents structure you used in the first case study:

1 Definition of the situation:

Why was communication necessary?

2 Strategy:

Definition of the strategic goals of the campaign, the particular target audiences and the channels used to reach them.

3 Communication:

How were the outreach tools created and the messages delivered?

4 Evaluation:

To which extent was the campaign effective

Please, follow the APA style guidelines to format your paper (15%).

You should be able to write this paper in 10 pages (Times New Roman, double spaced).


  • Statment of Purpose
  • What are your thoughts about the validity of a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis in strategic planning?
  • Determine which stakeholder groups have the most influence on each of the elements identified in the formal SWOT analysis and provide an explanation of the rationale to support your identification and how they impact the organizations strategic plan.
  • Discuss a system of communication that is, or was, used in a past or present organization in which you worked.
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Write a first-person narrative essay about an event that impacted your life. Include the conflict and the resolution in your narrative and develop the story line appropriately to engage the reader. Remember, the most effective narratives follow a five-point development series (see below for a description of the five points).
  • Identification of Research Statement
  • Effect: Access to fresh produce and other healthy food is limited in lower income communities.
  • Strategic communications
  • How do you feel about any of these or other efforts to amend the Constitution?