You have been employed as a UX designer in SFTA company. Your responsibilities include the  following tasks:   • Plan and conduct user research and competitor analysis;  • Interpret data through various research techniques;  • Create prototypes and wireframes;  • Conduct usability testing. 

You have been employed as a UX designer in SFTA company. Your responsibilities include the following tasks:

• Plan and conduct user research and competitor analysis;

• Interpret data through various research techniques;

• Create prototypes and wireframes;

• Conduct usability testing.

You must evaluate a website for any of the following industries/organisation types:

1. Education

2. Hospitality (hospital/Hotel/Tourism etc)

3. Government Agencies

4. Small Medium Enterprises

5. Online Commerce

For assessment criteria, please refer to the Assessment details

Learning Outcomes Assessed

The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment task:

LO1. apply an evidence-based approach to user-experience requirements elicitation, specification and evaluation;

LO2. plan, conduct, analyse and interpret the results of User Centred Design activities to model users, goals, tasks, system environment and domain;

LO3. plan, conduct and document usability tests of software systems;

LO4. construct prototype user interfaces demonstrating the application of user interface design principles and guidelines.

Assessment Details

For this assignment, you need to write a report with a minimum of 1,000 and a maximum of 1,500 words (excluding references, attached article pages, and title pages) to answer the below questions:

1. Describe the website you are investigating and explain its two important values.

2. Justify a research method that is appropriate to conduct your research findings on the user experience for the website. Provide sources of evidence from peer reviewed articles.

3. Apply your research method and find 10-15 respondents to survey for their feedback on three bad user experiences and three good user experiences for using the website. You must attach the relevant documentation (e.g. survey form, interview scripts, etc) in the Appendix section.

4. Show three website screens that need to improve on the user experience. Discuss what are the type of changes in detail and develop three prototype screens.

5. Write a half-page of your conclusion on the investigation process