The “s” in “SMART”


Review the following SMART model components that must be present for a clear and well-set goal:
Specific: The “s” in “SMART” stands for “specific.” What do you want to achieve? Is the plan of action to achieve the goal clear, or is it too vague and you’re
unsure where to start?
Measurable: The “m” in “SMART” stands for “measurable.” How will you know if the goal has been achieved? What will you measure? A SMART goal will have
a target with numbers in it so that you can measure progress.
Attainable: The “a” in “SMART” stands for “attainable.” Is the goal actually doable considering your financial means and time frame? A goal should be
empowering and not set you up for failure.
Realistic: The “r” in “SMART” stands for “realistic.” Can the goal be achieved with your current circumstances? Does this goal fit with your present-day life,
schedule, and/or other goals?

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