ISY302 Is Project- Responsibilities Of Software Developers


Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed

1. Demonstrate an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of software developers, clients and users of a system.
2. Conduct a feasibility study that outlines costs, timeframes, a development schedule, and the features and benefits of a prospective software solution.
3. Demonstrate skills in project planning and management. problem solving. analysis. and evaluation.

Assessment Description

A 4000-word or equivalent effort report on PMP and SRS based on your client’s project details. Refer to the document titled “AIH – Project Details ISY3002 2021T1.pdf” for the project specifications. This report should be in MS Word format. SRS documents typically contain several types of UML/other diagrams and tables. If you are using other tools to generate the diagrams paste the generated images on to the Word document.
Note that the report is not an essay and should not be text heavy.


This is an individual activity. You will participate in weekly tutorial/workshop activities to complete most of the contents required in the report.

Nature Of The Task

This is an individual assessment.

Materials Required / Suggested Resources

Refer to the document titled “AIH – Project Details ISY3002 2021T1.pdf” for your project specifications. You will need to use many tools to create the report. The tools required could be GitHub, Balsamiq, UML diagramming editors such as LucidChart or Visio.

How To Present Your Assignment / Submission Instructions

Your report should follow the structure specified in Section 2.3.1 in “AIH – Project Details ISY3002 2021T1.pdf”. You will submit the work via Moodle/Turnitin.

Retention Of Records

Students are required to keep a copy of all items submitted or completed for assessment or evaluation until the end of the grade appeal period.

Information About How And When Feedback Will Be Provided

Your results of the assessment will be available within 1 week of the submission of the report. Feedback will be in the form of comments on the document along with the marks awarded following the marking criteria.

Marking Criteria

See the rubric in the next page

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