7090CEM Computer Architecture Security and Usability


Module Learning Outcomes Assessed:
1. Evaluate alternative systems software and machine performance features in order to select appropriate tools for technical and operational requirements.
2. Critically review a wide range of system architecture for applications and user requirements whilst considering the constraints of performance, cost, security and usability.
3. Examine different architectural styles to determine the suitable applications and measure their effectiveness in meeting performance and other critical requirements.
4. Demonstrate the ability to design and implement a computer system based on parallel architecture solutions.
5. Discuss the advance of technology and trends to meet the increasing demands of new application requirements.
Task and Mark distribution:
Conduct a literature review on warehouse-scale computers (WSCs). This should include a discussion of typical components/structure of WSCs, and their design issues. The review should also consider energyefficiency, dependability, performance, security, and cost considerations in the operation of WSCs, as well as typical application areas of WSCs. The review should include a discussion on how request-level and data-level parallelism are exploited. The trend of development of WSCs and their impact on Cloud Computing should also be discussed.
Using any two Instructions Sets, e.g., x86, ARM or MIPS Instruction Set, write two assembly language programs to implement a sorting algorithm of your choice. Use a different instruction set for each program. Both programs must implement the same algorithm. Your programs should include instructions for input and output operations, selection, loop, a subroutine call, and some arithmetic/logic operations.
It is important that you use comments to demonstrate an understanding of the instructions, registers This document is for Coventry University students for their own use in completing their assessed work for this module and should not be passed to third parties or posted on any website.
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