The Importance of Islamic Art and What They Contributed to the Art World

The Research Paper is an analysis of artworks and cultural issues guided by an argument or point of view:

This assignment will require research beyond the textbook and assigned course readings.
Think critically about your topic and artworks. Come up with an interesting theory that will be your thesis (typically known as your argument).
Your papers thesis (argument) should present a compelling interpretation of your topic.
The thesis should answer the questions:
What does the artwork/architecture related to your topic represent or symbolize?
What does the artwork/architecture tell us about the society that produced it?
Artworks discussed in the paper should be analyzed closely and in detail.
This paper is NOT a report or encyclopedia entry on your topic. There should be a clear argument that guides your essay.
5-7 pages + bibliography and illustrations; approximately 1250-1750 words presented in Chicago Style
The Research Paper will be submitted online to through a link on Canvas our final week of class.
Requirements for Paper:

Preliminary annotated bibliography of five scholarly sources – 20% of paper grade

Final draft submitted to – 80% of paper grade**

**The late penalty is 10 percentage points per 24 hours late for the final research paper; the annotated bibliography and outline/thesis statement cannot be submitted past the deadline. Final papers will not be accepted for those who failed to submit the annotated bibliography.

for how to format your paper with the title, subheadings, footnotes, images at the end, and bibliography.

Quick Checklist for Final Research Paper:

__ Paper has a creative title
__ 12-point Times New Roman or comparable font is used
__ 1-inch margins
__ Essay is approximately 1250-1750 words or 5-7 pages of written content – image pages and Bibliography constitute extra pages.
__ Pages are numbered
__ Illustrations of selected artworks are included and labeled with artist, title, medium, and the date and placed at the end of the paper, but before the Works Cited.
__ Thesis statement is clear, focused, and debatable. It is in the first paragraph.
__ Short quotations are only used when absolutely essential to communicate an authors unique idea.
__ At least five (5) sources, outside of assigned course readings, are used. Sources are scholarly books and/or academic articles.
__ At least three of your sources are books.
__ Paper is written in the more formal third person. No use of “I”, “me”, or “mine.” Your writing should not sound conversational.
__ Paper is thoroughly edited and is free of spelling and grammatical errors.
__ Refer to works of art by their proper media. Ex., a painting is not a “drawing” or a “picture”; a sculpture is not a “trophy” or a “picture”, etc. Use your new and correct terms!
__ Works Cited or Bibliography is listed in alphabetical order by author’s last name
__ NOTE: the Bibliography IS NOT the same as your Annotated Bibliography. For the Bibliography, you will omit the annotations and only include the citations.


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