Research report and Questinnaire


What is the prevalence and care-seeking for NCD among refuges in camp x?

By a given imaginary scenario as below

“You are involved with a humanitarian organization who are setting up a refugee camp. It is anticipated that refugees will start to arrive over the next few weeks and months. You are aware that some of the refugees will be elderly and you have been advised that diabetes and other non-communicable disease rates are comparatively high in this population. You have been asked to determine which interventions and services to control, manage and treat non-communicable diseases should be set up in the camp. You only have a couple of weeks to undertake this study that it will be implemented once the refugees will come and being accessible. Prepare a protocol to undertake a study that could help you determine which interventions to manage and treat non communicable diseases need to be set up for this population. You should use a report format and include reference to your research question, aim and objectives, approach, any ethical issues and explaining how you will analyze your data and present your findings. This may mean using ‘dummy tables or charts’ i.e. tables or charts laid out to present your data, with headings, but there will be no data in them.”


– The research question for the scenario given can be (What is the prevalence and care-seeking behavior for non-communicable diseases among refugees in Camp X?)

– Create a questionnaire of 10 questions that will help to address the main research question. The data from this questionnaire will be analyzed in the research report. The questionnaire should not exceed 1000 word and must follow the instructions and specific criteria mentioned in the attached file below (Questionnaire instructions).

– Produce a research report that will answer the research question using data from questionnaire you have created above. The research report should not exceed 2000 word and must follow the instructions and specific criteria as attached below. (Research report instructions)

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