Forensic psychology

1) Make an argument for how the factor you chose (eyewitness identification or false confessions) contributed to the defendant’s wrongful prosecution
 (this portion of your paper should be approximately 1 page).

2) Provide a critical analysis of each the three empirical articles that you identified as supportive of your argument (in #1). For each article, describe the research question tested by the research, describe how the authors tested that question and what they found, and relate their findings to the case presented in the documentary. If a journal article you choose has more than one experiment, choose the first experiment to analyze for your term paper. This analysis should be critical, noting strengths and weaknesses both in the study itself and in its relevance to the case in question
(approximately 1 page per article, for a total of 3 pages).

3) End your term paper with an evaluation of the overall prosecution in this case in light of the material we have covered in the second half of the class (with Dr. Dysart). You should discuss both eyewitness identification and false confessions in this section, regardless of which factor you chose for the first 4 pages of the assignment. Your overall evaluation will be approximately 1/2 page. Finally, make recommendations about how the prosecution of this case could have been improved (approximately 1/2 page).

4) Include a Reference section with the three articles you selected along with any other sources you used to complete your paper. You do not need to include a reference for the film itself or the text book.

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