EDD 643 Mod 5- Case

Conduct a brief self-reflection and evaluation of yourself within the AACC’s six leadership competencies and cultural competency (Eddy, 2010). You can go directly to the AACC webpage ( to read more about the application of the competencies. Provide an assessment of your skills within each of the six competencies and cultural competency. When possible, provide examples of when you have implemented the skill(s) into your daily work as an educational leader. Next, select one of the five propositions of multidimensional leadership that you feel is most applicable to your current work setting or professional development. In conclusion, discuss the role of the competencies and proposition in your overall understanding of change management in higher education.

Eddy, P. L. (2010). Community College Leadership: A Multidimensional Model for Leading Change. Sterling, VA, USA: Stylus Publishing.

Bush, T., & Coleman, M. (2000). Leadership and Strategic Management in Education. London: SAGE Publications Ltd.

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