NDB503 Learning For Business-premises and conclusion


Learning Outcomes 

This assignment assesses the following learning outcomes
1. Demonstrate techniques to improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Part 1 Argument analysis

Refer the file titled ‘Part 1: Arguments for Argument Analysis’ available in Assignment 2 Assessment tab. Read the arguments and copy these into your assignment document and follow the instructions for the activity provided along with the arguments.

For each argument:
• identify the premises and conclusion
• create an argument map

Part 2 Critical reflection on response to a reading

Task A

Refer the file titled ‘Part 2A Readings list’ available in Assignment 2 Assessment tab. Select one reading from this list. You need to create a critical reflection on your response to the chosen reading. cc

Please draft your critical reflection on chosen reading in light of the assessment criteria for this part of assignment on page 5 of this file

Task B

Refer the file titled ‘Part 2B Sample critical reflection’ available in Assignment 2 Assessment tab.

Copy the assessment criteria for Part 2 Task A into your assignment document. Using that assessment criteria, mark any one of the two sample critical reflections provided in file. Please include a brief explanation for the marks you give for each criterion and provide some feedback.

Reflect on this exercise. What learning do you take from it? What, if anything, would you change about your self-reflection if you were to re-do it? 

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