Book Review

FIND BOOK ATTACHED (RACISM IN AMERICA, A READER) 500-word book review. The book review should deal

with one of the titles from the reading list (either

an essential or recommended reading). This can

be a full book, a book chapter, or a journal article

but it has to be a secondary source, not a primary

source. In the review, you should discuss the

following three elements:

What is the author’s central argument and

what historical question(s) do they seek to


What evidence does the author use to make

this argument, including the breadth and

depth of sources?

How does the book relate to other texts we

have read on the topic?(any historical references to do with colonialism, and the age of empires basically) Does the author agree or disagree with existing accounts? Are they

proposing a new way of seeing an issue? Or

are they bringing in new evidence in support

of previous arguments?

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