AH-141 Introduction to Public Health: Environmental Health



(Environmental health is of growing concern due to increased awareness of climate change and the impact that humans have on it. Review the literature that articulates the cause for the concern and describe the major drivers along with the cause for this concern growing.    

What is the risk associated with lack of action, or taking inadequate action?   

What would be the progression of issues that we would face if action was not taken? What types of actions/interventions would be needed to reverse this impact and what groups would need to be involved to impact this change?

Keep in mind the topic of point-source as it relates to pollution. The point where the environment suffers from pollution may be “downstream” from the source location).


1) You should plan to utilize resources (cited sources) to do research for this paper.

2) 5 references should be provided in an appropriate works cited page at the end of your paper. These sources should be scientific of nature (published papers) and not anecdotal blogs, websites, etc.

3) You can use the documentation style that you are most comfortable with (MLA, APA,etc). My focus is much more on did you research the topic and document the research then the actual formatting.

4) The papers should be a minimum of 2,500 words (10 pages). Papers submitted that are outside of this range will be marked down.

5) The topics below are the basis for your paper. It is expected that you provide very detailed responses and that you go above and beyond the questions asked to show your knowledge.

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