SITHCCC014 Prepare Meat Dishes : Place Requirements for Service


1. You arrive at work for your shift. List 4 ways how you could establish the mise en place requirements for service. What would you need to consider to prevent wastage?
Method used to identify mise en place requirements
Consideration to prevent wastage
2. Explain the general key steps for preparing ingredients for mise en place and the production of meat dishes. Which provisions for correct storage of usable trimmings and offcuts would this require?

3. List 3 quality points for lamb.

 Quality Points for Lamb
4. List 4 restaurant cuts from a whole lamb loin.
 Restaurant Cuts
5. List 6 fancy meats and select a suitable menu dish with the appropriate cookery method for each.
Fancy meat/offal Menu Dish Method of Cookery
 6. Using the veal cuts provided below, select a suitable menu dish and an appropriate cookery method for each.
 Cut Menu Dish Method of Cookery
Osso bucco
7. List 4 primal cuts which can be obtained from a leg of beef (butt).
Primal Cut
8. Why is the silverside tougher than the topside?
9. List 6 measures which help to ensure correct hygiene standards when handling and preparing meat and meat dishes. What would this need to include when thawing meats?
Hygiene Requirements
10. List 3 advantages of having offal and second class cuts on the menu:
11. List 3 restaurant cuts which can be obtained from a leg primal.
 Restaurant Cut 
12. Provide 2 reasons why you should not stew beef topside.
13. What are the suitable temperature ranges for roasting e.g. a Striploin? What are the reasonsand how do the different temperatures affect the product? What needs to be considered whencarving roasted meats for service?
Temperature Range:
Reasons and Explanation
14. You have boned a leg of lamb and will utilise the meat for lamb schnitzel and roast lamb.
Which primals would you use for either menu dish? Why have you made these choices?
Primals used Reason
Lamb Schnitzel
Roast Lamb 
15. Explain the applications and uses of the following Equipment and Utensils and provide one applied example for each. What are the WHS and hygiene procedures which must be followed for assembly, and for safe use?Equipment and
Explanation for use Applied Example
Butcher Knife
Boning Knife
Meat Hook
Larding Needles
Sharpening Stone
Sharpening Steel
Bowl Chopper
Meat Thermometer
Butcher’s String
Meat Bat 

16. Complete the following table for examples of restaurant cuts from pork with a suitable method of cookery applied for a menu dish for each cut:
Primal Cut
Menu Dishes

17. Explain the following preparation and portioning techniques:
Larding –
Tenderising –
Skewering –
Rolling –
Stuffing and trussing –
Mincing –
Marinating– Instant and Soaking Application and Uses–
Instant Marinades Soaking Marinades

18. What are the advantages of ageing meat in vacuum sealed packaging?
 What are the ideal temperatures for storage? How are frozen items defrosted safely? 

19. What are the general considerations for suitable sauces and accompaniments for meat dishes?

20. What are the nutritional benefits of meat and game meat in a healthy diet? What would you need to consider to provide nutritional balance of dishes? 
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