ACCT2000 Financial Accounting|Partnership

The assessment will require you to use critical thinking to identify and anlayse the business information presented in the company’s annual report and assess accuracy in preparing accounting entries for partnership business. Your goal for this assessment is to show that you can understand and interpret the accounting standards applied in annual reports of companies and communicate business related knowledge.
The assessment will assess the learning outcomes b, c and d as listed above in the table. To assess the learning outcomes the assessment has been divided in to two parts i.e., Part 1 and Part 2.
Part 1 will assess the learning outcomes b and c, where selected company annual reports from Australian securities exchange listing will be allocated to you. This part will require you to discuss and interpret various accounting standards covering non-current assets, revenue recognition, liabilities, and cash flow statement. The discussion for this part is to be submitted in a business report format, please refer to the detailed instructions for business report listed in the next section.
Part 2 will assess learning outcome d.This part will have a separate question on partnerships where you will be required to prepare accounting entries and comment on partnership processes. Please note that the theory question for this part will be counted towards the word limit stated for this assessment.
Instruction for the business report:
 Word limit: 2,000 words
 A proper report format is expected (title page, executive summary, table of contents, introduction, body of the report with headings and subheadings, conclusion & recommendations, appendices, list of references)
 The business report is required to be submitted on the Blackboard by 11:55pm AEST of the presentation day in week 10. (SafeAssign report for the business report is required).
 Students are strongly advised to avoid plagiarism or collusion in doing the assessment. General rule: If the similarity, detected and reported by SafeAssign report, comes from the original assignment questions, table of contents, table of numbers and data, diagrams and charts, calculations, reference list, appendix…, then it is not an indication of plagiarism. However, if the similarity comes from the discussion or analysis or interpretation or recommendation parts of the assignment then it is an indication that the student has “copied and pasted” from the original source. This is not the student’s own work and therefore it will negatively affect the quality of the student’s answers in the submitted report.
 A minimum of 3 different academic reference sources are required. Remember that Wikipedia, Investopedia and other similar websites are not academic sources and must not be used as a reference source.
 The marking rubrics for the group business report is provided bel
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