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BRH606 Assessment 2 Brief Online Quiz Page 1 of 2ContextThis assessment is designed to assess your knowledge and understanding of research methods basedon topics covered in Week 2 to 8. In this quiz, you will be asked to also demonstrate application ofknowledge to your proposed research project or a case-based scenario, alongside justification for yourapplication. Please read the task instructions below carefully.Task Instructions• This quiz comprises 10 multiple choice questions and three short-answer questions.• Each multiple-choice question carries one mark, and each short-answer question carriesbetween three to four marks. The mark allocated to each short-answer question will beindicated in the quiz.• The expected word count for each short-answer question is between 150 to 250 words.• You will have one hour to complete all questions. Only one attempt is permitted.• The quiz will take place in Week 8, during the scheduled class time.• This is a closed-book quiz. No reference to subject materials or any other sources ispermitted. This will otherwise result in a breach of academic integrity (i.e. cheating). ASSESSMENT 2 BRIEFSubject Code and TitleBRH606 Business Research for HoteliersAssessmentOnline QuizIndividual/GroupIndividualLengthOne-hourLearning OutcomesThis assessment addresses the following Subject LearningOutcomes:a) Analyse the various approaches to business and socialresearch, and the difference between primary andsecondary researchc) Understand and justify the use of quantitative andqualitative data collection and analysisd) Investigate a range of data collection methods and toolsSubmissionThis Online Quiz will be conducted in Week 8, during thescheduled class time (AEST/AEDT)Weighting20%Total Marks20 marks BRH606 Assessment 2 Brief Online Quiz Page 2 of 2• You are required to have your camera turned on throughout the duration of the quiz.• You are expected to review all learning materials and resources from Week 2 to Week 8before undertaking the quiz.Academic integrity declarationBy attempting this assessment, you agree to adhere to the full policies and procedures on AcademicIntegrity prior to, during and following this assessment.I have read and am aware of Torrens University Australia Academic Integrity Policy and Procedureviewable online at