Research Paper Planing – My Assignment Tutor It, .-Planning Your Research Paper Planing your Research paperChoosing a topic Sometimes choosing a topic proves to be a difficult task for some students. In some cases, your professor will supply you with specific topics you are required to write about. In other cases, professors will provide you with some general topics and expect you to select one and analyze a specific aspect of it. Also, depending on the discipline of the course (i.e.: sociology, history, psychology, social work, etc.) you will be required to write your research paper in a specific format and cite your sources in a particular way (APA, MLA, CSE, etc.).Selecting a Research Paper Topic — Some Ideas• Check out what is in the news • What topics are you passionate about? • What is a topic do you want to learn more about? • Find out what topics or issues your family and/or friends find interesting. • Choose a topic from the list provided by your professor. • Brainstorm by writing down anything ti-comes to mind as you think about a tol A