NUR536 Nursing Practice: Communication Models for Healthcare


Critically review communication models and modes and their implications for effective, appropriate and culturally safe nursing practice for individuals, families, groups and communities, throughout the lifespan and in all practice settings critically review health informatics and technology in relation to effective nursing practice and to safe,quality healthcare delivery, including in catastrophic disasters such as pandemics.Critically consider communication (including advocacy), health informatics and technology in relation to future leadership roles in practice and professional contexts.

Explain the Effective communication between healthcare professionals in essential for person-centred care. In verbal and written communication information is exchanged about the person and their healthcare needs. The healthcare team is a large group of professionals that extends across many disciplines and skill sets. It is rare to have all healthcare professionals in the same place at the same time to share information. Written communication becomes the thread that brings care together and allows each health professional to see the perspectives, concerns, wishes and actions of the others as they work toward person-centredness.

Verbal communication while highly effective does bring challenges. As discussed in earlier weeks communication can be misunderstood, poorly delivered or incomplete. This leads to errors in healthcare and compromises individual’s health and can contribute to a view of negative healthcare. When individuals have a negative healthcare experience it can lead to aversion or delays in seeking assistance in the future.

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