Discussion on Working With Diverse Families


Discussion: Working With Diverse Families

Families are as unique as the individuals who form them. While you may utilize the same or similar techniques while working with family systems (through the steps in the GIM and related practice skills), it is also important to recognize that each family has its own unique needs and experiences in the world. The empowerment perspective states that an essential aspect of working with individuals and families is to address their feelings of powerlessness and oppression. Empowerment is a process; one part of that process is to gain an awareness of the oppressive structures evident in our society. Oppression, in the form of racism, sexism, classism, and homophobia, can impact a familys quality of life and ability to thrive. In this Discussion, you consider the many aspects of working with diverse families.

To prepare: Select a diverse family system, such as a family with differences in sexual orientation, a family with differences in race or ethnicity, or a family with members who are managing a disability. Then, consider potential barriers they might encounter in society. Think about how a social worker might address one of these barriers on an individual, family, organizational, group, or community level. Next, visit the Walden Library to conduct research on barriers and intervention approaches for working with this type of family. Support this post using peer-reviewed article(s), in addition to the assigned resources.

By Day 3


Provide a brief description of the diverse family system you selected.

Explain potential barriers or challenges this family might encounter that is related to diversity.

Provide evidence from scholarly resources to support the existence of this barrier.

Explain how a social worker might address this barrier on an individual, family, organizational, group, or community level.

Provide evidence from scholarly resources to support social work approach.

Support your post with APA citations to the course text and any other resources used to respond to this discussion. Demonstrate that you have completed the required readings, understand the material, and are able to apply the concepts. Include a full reference of resources at bottom of post.


Assignment: Family Assessment

Consider your experience both within your own family of origin and when interacting with other families. What is different between these examples of families?

In the field of social work, it is imperative that you know how to assess families. When trying to identify what is happening within a family, a social worker must learn about the familys structure, identify their strengths, review their communication style, and understand the familys dynamics. Families are influenced by the unique individuals within the family, as well as by the larger cultural context in which the family exists. Families vary in how they define who is a member of the family unit, what role each family should play, and what the family dynamics are based on an individual members contributions to the family system. Often, the social workers role is to help identify trouble spots and help the family re-adjust to healthy system dynamics.

In this weeks Assignment, you provide an assessment of a family and provide an analysis of the family using a social work perspective with consideration to strengths, cultural values, and social work theory.

By Day 7

Submit a 2- to 3-page paper in which you analyze a family that is familiar to you.

Support your analysis by using the Kirst-Ashman and Hull text and at least 2 to 3 additional peer-reviewed articles to do the following:

Describe the structure of a family that is familiar to you.

Identify the strengths in the family.

Explain where in the life cycle this family is located and how that may influence family dynamics.

Analyze one form of communication used by this family and how this communication style influences family dynamics.

Describe the specific roles of two family members and explain if the various roles work well together for the benefit of this family.

Explain how understanding cultural values will help a social worker working with this family.

Analyze this family using systems theory or the ecological perspective.

Support your paper with references to Kirst-Ashman and Hull, in addition to other resources used to complete this assignment. Paper should include appropriate APA citations and a reference list. You are expected to demonstrate your understanding and ability to apply concepts from the course by paraphrasing resources and providing specific examples of how a concept is evident in the family system you identified for this paper.

Required Readings

Kirst-Ashman, K. K., & Hull, G. H., Jr. (2018).Understanding generalist practice(8th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.
Chapter 9, Understanding Families: Family Assessment (pp. 349381)
Chapter 10, Working with Families (pp. 382418)

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