A single story reflection


Reflect upon a single story you hold/held of another. In your 800-1000 word reflection, make sure to identify just one story, for example an American view of Mexicans as criminals, or an English view of the Africans as backward, or the traditional concept of binary sexes (just male and female). Olivarez speaks to identities being mis/informed depending on geography and social capital.

Additionally, try to recall from where you learned that one-sided perspective. For instance, Adiche learned her single story of Fide and his family from her mother who only referred to Fide as poor not poor and…. Adiche also confesses to having a negative stereotypical view of Mexico from American media. For example, people seem to adopt their single-storiness from family, friends/peers, media, literature (fiction and nonfiction); and institutions (religious, cultural, political, legal, social).

Then analyze the impact of this single story on your own self-awareness, consciousness and behavior towards this group of other people.

Assess whether you have changed from holding this one-sided dangerous and dehumanizing perspective, and interrogate the causes for your transformed and more enlightened points of view. If you still hold your initial perspective, then assess and analyze the reasons for you commitment to that one perspective.


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