Need a 350 words discussion reply with one bible reference and one scholarly reference. APA style.

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Modern-day programming contains several difficulties for mobile developers. Some of the key areas in which special attention is deserved are data access, security, and user experience. Each of these topics will be discussed in-depth to understand the challenges associated with them. Examples and personal anecdotes will be given to better grasp the weight of these challenges. Finally, some solutions will be proposed for each one. While mobile development poses a unique set of challenges, it pushes developers to adapt and build better applications.
Data access is a particularly interesting challenge. Mobile devices enable users with unlimited flexibility as they can use the device practically anywhere. However, this does pose a unique problem since there is a tremendous dependability in app development for a consistent network signal. When the user can move around, that connectivity is not guaranteed. Because of this problem, it is essential that developers build their applications with an offline-friendly approach. An example I’ve experienced of this issue occurred when on a road trip through a rural area. I had planned out the trip before departing with a mobile app but this app exited unexpectantly and “forgot” the route I was supposed to take. Because data access was severed, the app became useless. Because of this example and many others, there must be support for storage to be used by apps that can be saved in non-volatile memory. Furthermore, apps must be designed with a fluid syncing feature that allows data stored on the device to be constantly updated when connectivity is restored. Keeping this in mind will mitigate the issues associated with data access in mobile devices.
The next important issue to discuss is the role of security in developing for mobile devices. Security is no doubt, a critical aspect of development. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked by those developing the app for many reasons which can lead to disastrous outcomes. An example of a security flaw that I’ve experienced in app development was SQL injection. I was and currently still am developing an app to track macronutrients. When users enter information such as a meal they ate or a new custom food they want to track, a SQL query is given to a linked database. It would be easy to enter a SQL command disguised as a food item to read out all the information in the database or completely delete it if that was the intention. In order to fix this problem, I run all my queries through a sanitizer method that rejects input containing certain characters and phrases. Another solution to this problem could be following the principle of least privilege and only providing the user with minimal access by limiting their actions to only necessary commands. While there are many other security risks related to mobile development, SQL injection is a popular one that can easily be overlooked.
Finally, it is worth taking into account the challenges associated with developing for a meaningful user experience. One of the more unique challenges with mobile development is the limited space given to work with when designing an interface. With users accustomed to larger screens on most personal computers, providing the same content on a significantly smaller screen can certainly pose a problem. In order to remedy this, minimalist design is key. Only include what is necessary. In addition to this, interfaces should be designed with elements that respond to touch and don’t appear static. Finally, text and important elements should be large enough to be easily readable and without the need to be expanded by the user’s attempts at pinching the screen. This is something I have certainly experienced on some apps as I’m sure others have as well. Oftentimes, buttons are too small to be pushed and it requires more work to interact with key elements on the display. By implementing these guidelines, a better user experience can be developed for.
As it has been shown throughout this post, many challenges face mobile programmers today. Data access proves to be quite problematic due to loss of connectivity. Security has also become a major concern as this new landscape has proved a tempting target for criminals, particularly through SQL injection. User experience is also paramount in the discussion of mobile development challenges. More than ever, it is critical to design for the user and to give them control. Thankfully, much research and careful consideration have been invested into facing these challenges as discussed. Many challenges do face programmers who focus on developing for the mobile environment, however, it is also filled with possibilities and untapped potential.

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