Answer all questions in a precise manner

The president of the school has placed you on a committee that will investigate the financial viability of a new recreation facility on campus. Moreover, because of your experience as athletic director, committee members have nominated you the chair of the committee. As chair, you will be the one presenting the committee findings to the president. How should the committee proceed? What costs will the president need to know about? What financial resources will be needed? What financial benefit(s) will the building have to Friends University and the surrounding community? What would the expenses look like for such a building? Note: a particular concern to Friends University is the growing student population and the increasing popularity of some of the intercollegiate athletic teams on campus, especially men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball. The campus currently has 10,000 full-time students, but the master plan projects 15,000 full-time students within the next 10 years. This recreation center must be constructed and financed in a manner that permits the recreation portion of the building to accommodate a growing student population.
You have presented the committee findings to the president, and she would like to proceed with the new recreation center. The committee will now be tasked with hiring a new manager for the facility. How should the committee proceed? What would a job description look like for this position? What requirements and qualifications would a facility manager need to have? What type of questions should the committee ask potential candidates?
Congratulations, the new recreation building is now built, and you have hired a manager to run it. As athletic director, you oversee all sport related contracts on campus. The local high school team would like to rent out part of the facility for a basketball tournament during Thanksgiving break. Your task is to write up a contract between Friends University and the local high school. What might this contract look like? Hint: I want to see a real contract.

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