lewis acid base post lab of inorganic chemisry

Would copper be considered a hard or soft Lewis acid? What about zinc? Describe what makes these metals hard or soft.
2.What trends would you predict for EDTA-metal complex Kf and ΔG values when:
a) going down a row of transition metals of the same oxidation state?
b) of the same transition metal with increasing oxidation state? (For example, Iron can exist as Fe(II), Fe(III), Fe(IV), and higher oxidation states)
3. Discussion (formal report style): Compare and contrast the concepts of Lewis and Brønsted-Lowry acids and bases. Support these concepts with your data over the last two weeks and with research. Cite your sources.
4. Select and summarize a peer review article detailing a method for calculating equilibrium concentrations in a particular metal-chelator reaction.

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