PSY – 495 Topic 4: Limitations

Part 1: Limitations
Review all the articles you included in your reference list/literature articles assignment focusing specifically on the limitations presented in each study (remember to cite the information). List the limitations that you find below. Please note: limitations are often in the discussion or conclusion of an article. Researchers/authors will note things like a small sample size as a limitation.
Part 2: Similarities of Limitations
Look for similarities in the limitations. Do several studies note the same limitation? Write a paragraph that summarizes the similarities noted. Make sure you have cited all of the articles in-text that note similar limitations. (Please note: When your parenthetical citation includes two or more sources, list in alphabetical order by the last name of the first author listed and separate using a semi-colon.)
Part 3: Reduction or Avoidance of Impact
Consider the limitations noted in previous studies. Might these limitations impact the study you are proposing? Can you structure your study to help reduce or avoid the limitations that have been noted by previous researchers? If so, how? If not, why?

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