How to Write an Exciting/Winning Scholarship Essay

How to Write an Exciting/Winning Scholarship Essay

When it comes to college or university, the tuition fees can overwhelm some students. Even the most well-up parents understand the sacrifices of educating a student in institutions of higher learning. Fortunately, we have organizations that extend scholarship assistance to interested students. Receiving such help can be an exciting advantage because a learner does not need to incur any money. However, most companies or entities that help with the payments require applicants to submit college scholarship essays. This is where the problem arises for most students since they have never written such a document. Submitting a college scholarship essay can be frustrating. This is why this article will give you the crucial tips and guides for submitting a scholarship essay that will be approved.

  1. Start By Understanding The Prompt

Many times, every scholarship essay has a prompt on which you are asked to base your topic. Read the prompt as many times as needed to understand it. Ask yourself this question: What am I required to do here? Reading a prompt three or more times will help you comprehend the examiner’s intention. Therefore, read the instructions today then tomorrow before writing the essay.

  1. Brainstorm the Topic

After understanding what the examiner wants, proceed to brainstorm. In this stage, focus on developing a title for your essay. Arrange the entire essay in your head first. Let’s assume this is your prompt: “Explain ways in which you will solve corruption in your community if you became a leader.” In such a prompt, the best way to brainstorm is to focus on your real community first. Do not imagine; pay attention to your surroundings. How prevalent is corruption? What is being done currently to address it? Are the strategies employed effective? Generating answers to these questions will help you develop an exciting topic, which will also be easy to find information for your scholarship essay.

  1. Research About the Organization

Another important step when writing your scholarship essay is to understand your organization. For example, imagine someone sacrificing to pay for your tuition fees, yet you do not seem even to know them. In your essay, mention a few things about the company showing that you understand what it does. For example, you could say that its products influence your community in many positive ways. Mentioning the organization in your scholarship essay is a polite way of saying, “Hey, I know you.”

  1. Adhere to the Three-Part Essay Structure

Now that you understand the topic and the organization extending the assistance, the other step is to write. Unfortunately, when writing their scholarship essay, most students ignore the fundamental principles of essay writing. Traditionally, a good essay has been proved to have an introduction, body, and conclusion. In the introduction, pay attention to three things.

Firstly, start with an attention-grabbing statement. For example, assuming you are writing about the prompt we mentioned earlier, this is an excellent way to begin your introduction: “Corruption would be eradicated in my community in less than a year under my leadership.” This statement catches the reader’s attention. Secondly, mention your name and other relevant details in the introduction. Leaving out your personal information makes your essay appear invalid. Thirdly, ensure your thesis statement is clear, concise, and relevant. A thesis statement answers the question asked. For example, assuming you are answering the question of ending corruption, you should specify the exact steps you will take to address the matter.

After writing the introduction, proceed to the body section. In this part, you will provide details extensively. Here, you will address each of the items you mentioned in your thesis statement. Please note that you need to provide factual information in the body for your scholarship essay to be approved. In other words, your research should be relevant to the reader. To achieve this goal, cite some scholarly materials that back up your argument. For example, you could cite data showing how the prosecution of corrupt officials deters other state officers from embezzling public funds. Typically, the body takes the most significant part of your essay. For example, if you are writing a two-page essay containing five paragraphs, the body should account for three paragraphs.

Once done with the body, write your conclusion, which should summarize the main points in your work. Many students copy-paste their body paragraphs in the conclusion, but this is wrong. Instead, a conclusion should summarize the main ideas or arguments presented in the body. Remember that your conclusion in the scholarship essay should leave the reader curious, excited, or intrigued.

  1. Sell Yourself As a Leader

Another critical element of your scholarship essay is to portray yourself as a leader. You may not be a political leader yet. However, let your writing show that you are an individual who understands the principles that every influential person ought to possess. Organizations that extend scholarships want to believe that their resources are going to suitable candidates. Therefore, prove that you are a reliable person.

  1. Proofread Your Work

Many times, students overlook this step, yet it is the most important. Nothing discourages readers than a scholarship essay that contains spelling and grammatical mistakes. Presenting such work portrays you as a careless person. Avoid such impressions by reading every sentence carefully. Also, ensure punctuation marks are used appropriately. Minimize exclamation marks and do not misuse commas since they change the meaning of sentences. If you write your scholarship essay adhering to the recommended steps, nothing will stop you from seeing your college fees paid in full!


How to Write an Exciting/Winning Scholarship Essay




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