BUSM4547: Management in Practice

BUSM4547: Management in Practice
Section of your Report(no headings required) Recommended # of References
Introduction None – this is an overview paragraph summarising the contents of your report
Context – need to decarbonise energy, Singapore’s ambitions to achieve this goal. Use VUCA to analyse – not just describe – the situation. Make sure to mention change management in a robust way. Please cite at least 4-5 current authoritative websites – 2-3 on climate change / GHG emissions; 2 on SGP. 

Cite either Kotter, Leewin, or ADKAR

FFCRC – what is it?  Why are R&D organisations important in designing solutions to problems faced by businesses? Please cite at least 2-3 of the FFCRC presentations and 2-3 of the R&D articles in the reading list
SWOT analysis – Cite at least 3 references for each section – use references from the reading list or your Strategic Management notes
*S&W – VRIO, McKinsey 7s, Porter’s Value Chain Pick one to analyse the FFCRC – don’t describe
*O&T – Porter’s 5 forces, PESTEL Pick one to analyse the FFCRC – don’t describe
Discussion / Conclusion None – this is a paragraph summing up your analysis of the FFCRC and its role as an R&D organisation within the energy sector.