Red Rye beer (The Hook Norton brewery) expanding business in Brazil- Global Marketing Plan


Red Rye beer (The Hook Norton brewery) expanding business in Brazil- Global Marketing Plan



Global Marketing Plan addressed to the CEO of your chosen of UK SME company for one distinct physical product (not an entire company, brand or entire product range) completely new to market in one of: Brazil, Czech Republic, Nigeria, Turkey and Vietnam. (It must be approved by your tutor prior to the compulsory formative assessment.)


The global marketing plan must contain a clear sales objective for the first year a minimum of £50,000 in gross sales and a costed promotional budget (e.g. £30,000) and a projection of any surplus or deficit for the marketing plan at the end of year one. 

The plan must state and explain how these objective will be achieved from a marketing function perspective from the various options and choices that are available to marketers.  

1.            What is to be achieved for the SME? – Business objectives. (100 words)

2.            Which country market and why? – Country screening. (200) Detailed screening of top two countries from the six available? 

3.            Which market segments? – STP (400)

4.            How marketing will help achieve the business objectives? – Marketing Objectives (100)

5.            How will you bring the product to the new market? – Entry Mode Selection (400)

6.            How will you compete and generate customer value? – Detailed Extended Global Marketing Mix (1000)

7.            How much will the promotional element of the mix cost? Will the SME make or lose money in year 1? – Global Marketing Budget (300)



Students are advised not to include a PESTLE or SWOT or Porters 5 forces analysis as these strategy techniques are too high level and use too many words of the word count

You have MACS.

The marketing plan is to be action orientated and detailed, not a general report i.e. statements such as “it is very important to set a price” but not actually decide the actual price are not sufficient in a Level 5/6 assignment where business readiness must be demonstrated.  

Students are advised to use diagrams, tables and spreadsheets to support their plan (it also saves on word count).

Do not cut and paste from lecture notes and websites etc., it doesn’t demonstrate understanding. All references will be checked during the marking process and should be related to the taught syllabus. 


Marking Scheme (100%) divided as follows:

1.  Application of accurately referenced decision orientated principles of Global Marketing drawn from the module syllabus. (30%)

Students should review, list and reference the main principles covered in the syllabus e.g. the

Hollensen, Keegan and MacDonald texts, the journal papers and the several seminar cases studies.  


2.  Use secondary data to support your decisions. (30%)

Your decisions should be supported by primary and/or secondary data marketing research. Many students lose marks here by not providing data to support their plan.  The university provides access to several up-to-date professional market research databases e.g. Mintel.  A quick Google search will not suffice for a CEO expecting a business ready report.  


3.  Critical evaluation of your decisions. (30%)

You must reflect upon (think about) and assess your options (e.g. the mode of entry, your price, the promotional mix, etc.) your decisions and judgments. 


4.  Logical structure (a marketing plan), clear use of English, accurate referencing of books and journal articles and use of word limit, and correct clear font. (10%)  


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Red Rye beer (The Hook Norton brewery) expanding business in Brazil- Global Marketing Plan

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