Identify the differences between quantitative and qualitative research methods in health care to develop actionable research projects.

HMGT 400 Research and Data analysis in healthcare


Identify the differences between quantitative and qualitative research methods in health care to develop actionable research projects.

This is between 12-16 pages submission. In this assignment, students will go through the steps to set up a quantitative research study. The Instructor will divide the class into groups to complete the assignment in week 1. Each group should submit 1 topic selection in week 1, and 1 final report. This report should include qualitative and quantitative sections. Here are the main steps to perform this team project:

Step #1: Topic selection

The instructor will provide a list of topics; the team also should submit the team agreement plan with the selected topic in week 1 for the faculty feedback and approval.

Step #2: Literature Review (Performing Qualitative analysis)

This section of the assignment is aimed at giving students an opportunity to select and analyze 3-5 peer-reviewed articles, depends on the size of the TEAM, each team member should summarize one article and extract bias-table for 2 articles, if the size of team has increased to 6 the number of articles will stay at 5 and if the size of team has reduced to 4 the number of article can be adjusted to 4 articles.

Note: You may like to share the selected articles with your instructor to get approval before start working on that.

To summarize an article, consider the following items:
A short introduction
Research hypothesis or questions
Methodology, including:
Year of data
Research method
Findings,  report main findings not more than 1 or 2 paragraphs
Discussion, the discussion is about 1 paragraph
Add the paper in reference list using APA style

Step #3: Performing Quantitative data analysis design, this is very similar to the Individual Assignments 1 and 2 .

For this section:

3.1. Select one of the class data sets

3.2. Identify relevant variables

3.3. Choose the statistical method you plan to use for your analysis

3.4. Identify statistical software your team will use to run the statistical analysis focusing on EXCEL or RStudio  as the main software .

3.5. Analyze the data, state your conclusions and support them, this section should be included:

3.5.1. Hypothesis or research questions with a short paragraph to discuss the issue.

3.5.2. Research Method for this section first report the table of variables, then define the variables using the example provided in step-by-step instruction.

3.5.3. Report the software and type of analysis you performed in this section included descriptive table and plots

3.5.4. Discuss your findings

3.5.5. Discussion: for this section compare your finding with the LR (literature review) you performed in the first section

3.5.6. Recommendations: suggest a few policy recommendations based on your finding and LR.


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