Part one




 The physician you work for has asked you to hire three new people to help him out in the clinical setting. The physician is a generalist and sees many different types of patients on a daily basis, running lab tests, providing immunizations, etc. Which three disciplines of health care workers would you look at to hire? What attributes would you look for when hiring these three individuals?


APA FORMAT  150 words





Part two


For the assignment this week, you are to create a mission statement for your hospital or practice. Think about what types of patients you will be seeing, what types of care you will provide, and the members of the team that you have assembled. Remember that a mission statement provides the guidelines for all decision making and what outcomes they are based upon.


Part 1: Describe your hospital or practice in detail. (The more detail you give, the better your board will be able to understand how well your mission statement applies.)


Part 2: Create a mission statement for your hospital or practice, which your instructor will evaluate as a member of your governing board.


This assignment will be two paragraphs long in APA format, with a word count of at least 150. Grading criteria will be based upon APA guidelines, spelling and grammar, as well as how well your mission statement reflects the goals of the practice you have set up.


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