Due by March 4th


    1. Compare and contrast the social disorganization theory, the social learning theory, and the social control/bond theory.
    2. Compare and contrast the Social Developmental model, the Interactional model, and the General Theory of Crime.
    3. Compare and contrast problem-behavior syndrome, pathways to delinquency, and continuity and desistance.
  1. For each prompt, write a 200- to 300-word response comparing and contrasting the relevant social theories.

Due by March 7th


  1. Using Microsoft PowerPoint, create a 10-slide presentation that explains the following:
    1. How youth gangs have changed in recent decades
    2. The statistics of local gangs in the United States and in your area
    3. Important facts about the structure of youth gang groups
    4. Stages of gang development in communities
    5. What communities (including police) can do to prevent and control gangs

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