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I’m an international student so the level of English should not be premium and heres the homework.


The paper for this course is a 2-3 page summary of research using a variety of

                        reference sources (science journals, internet and others).  Specifications for the

                        paper are:

1.      Topic for the paper must be one of the following:

                  -Unification of fundamental forces

                  -Potential life in space

                  -Earthquakes and earthquake predictions

                  -Solar and Wind energy as alternative sources to Crude oils

                  -Newton’s Law vs. Albert Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity

                  -Nuclear Technology vs. Nuclear Weapons

                  -Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming

                  -Hurricane and Tornadoes Predictions

                  -The Effect Sunspots and Solar storms

                  -The impact of Asteroids, Comets, and man-made debris

                  -Cell phone usages and Radiation

2.      The paper needs to satisfy the following criteria:

a.       To recognize the problem(s) and/or issue(s) presented

b.      To formulate a diagnostic question(s) for solving problem(s)

c.       Use information from multiple sources

d.      To weigh evidences and alternative solutions

e.       Defend conclusion(s)

3.      Must be word-processed using font size 12, single spaced

4.      Six references (2 science journals, 2 internet, and 2 others)

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