english 142

ENG 142

Explication Assignment Sheet


Rough draft due: Friday, October 16th

Final draft due: Friday, October 23rd


Eligible Reading(s):


Shakespeare, William. Othello (text version)


Select ONE of the poems found between pages 581 and 605 of your textbook (6th edition text)




An explication is an extended discussion of one particular theme, issue, or literary element within a text. Explications are persuasive (i.e. you need a thesis statement that articulates a specific, debatable claim), and are intended to argue your particular interpretation of a text within the framework of your selected theme, issue, or element. Please locate the “Key Literary Terms” document in week 6 of Moodle for some definitions of literary elements that will assist you in selecting a talking point (or points) for this essay. You will need to provide quoted or paraphrased support for your discussion points within this essay; please be sure to cite your sources with in-text citations and Works Cited page entries. “Outside” sources are not required for this paper, but are encouraged.


How Do I Do This?


1) Read your chosen text carefully, and select an issue, theme, or literary element(s) at work in the text, and discuss the significance of it.


2) You should write approximately 5 pages, not including the Works Cited page.




1)    Remember that an explication is an extended, persuasive discussion: tell your readers how a certain element (theme, issue, etc.) functions in the text.

2)    Begin with a clear, debatable thesis statement and organize your talking points from there.

3)    Use MLA style for your essay formatting and citations.




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