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Hi again! My wife must have told you all about our problems with collecting payments. I think we are losing sales… because who wants to go online, find a book and then call the company to ship it. It clearly makes no sense. Of course you know that. We never thought we would have that many sales online, we just wanted to website to ensure that people who lived in our city knew about us. I always knew that our rare book collection was famous… but never thought it was world famous! Anyway, we need your help again. We would like you to research our payment options. Mary and I would like to have several options to choose from, so if you could find at least three different ways our clients can pay online that would work out great. In creating that list, we would like to see the advantages and disadvantages of each e-payment system. Perhaps a matrix summarizing the various systems would be very helpful. In addition to the e-payment system review, please be sure to give us security suggestion that we can deploy on our website and e-pay systems to secure our database and our client’s transactions. Once again, we thank you for all of your hard work in helping our bookstore go online. It really has made a major difference to our bottom line. Business is booming! Have a great day and we look forward to your report.

  Must address all issues in the request. 

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