Discuss a bill in the legislature that would help to improve outcomes for your community? If this law is enacted, how would it improve the life of those in your targeted community What could you present as e

Homeless men and/or women
Apply critical thinking strategies as well as the information you learned in this course to create this project. Group will choose a specific community from a vulnerable group.
Find a specific Healthy People 2030 goal for this population, and for the problem, you want to address.
Find a healthy people 2030 goal for schools Identify specific objectives for teens such as reducing the number of STI’s or teen pregnancies.
Use the nursing process in a step-by-step format : Assessment: assess your population through a windshield survey . Address components succinctly to provide your final presentation in approximately 15 minutes. Obtain statistics for this community by using census data and other reputable statistics.
Nursing Diagnosis: describe the problems, stressors, and strengths that this community faces/has. Formulate 1-2 nursing diagnoses. Remember if you come up with a diagnosis you must also come up with a nursing intervention for that particular diagnosis.
Legislation: Discuss a bill in the legislature that would help to improve outcomes for your community? If this law is enacted, how would it improve the life of those in your targeted community
What could you present as evidence that this would benefit your community?
Nursing Plan: Now create a plan that you can apply to target the nursing diagnoses you chose and the legislation. Make an appointment to meet with someone in the community who can give you valuable information that will help you with your planning and interventions.
Nursing Interventions: This is where you will begin to form a teaching plan to address the problems you found and the interventions you will use to combat these problems. Use specific teaching and learning interventions by targeting the cognitive and developmental stage of the participants.
You must research the specific teaching strategies that will apply to your population. Use culturally competent teaching methods
6. Nursing Process: Evaluation: This is where you will reflect on the project. What did you learn? Do you think your plan will work? What could you do better in the future? Do you the legislation will pass why or why not? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the plan?
Identify objective data related to people, places, and social systems that help define the community.
Who are on the street? How are they dressed? What are they doing? What do the people look like? How are the different ethnic groups residentially located? How would you categorize the residents: upper, upper middle, middle, lower class? How did you come to this conclusion? Is there any evidence of communicable diseases, alcoholism, substance use disorder, mental illness? How did you come to this conclusion? Are there animals on the street? What kind? Place – don’t include statistics here, include information about how you know you have left an area simply by driving through
Where is the community? What are its boundaries? Natural boundaries? Human-made boundaries? Are there geographic features that may pose a threat? What plants or animals could pose a threat to health?
Location of Health Services
Where are the major health institutions located? What health institutions may be necessary for a community of this size but are not located in the community (e.g. a large community with few or no acute care or ambulatory care facilities)? Are there clinics, hospitals, dentists, or other health care providers in the area?
Human-Made Environment
Do you see major industrial areas with heavy industrial plants? Do the roads allow easy access to health institutions? Are the roads marked by signs that are easily seen and understandable?
What is the quality of the housing? How old are the houses? Are there single or multifamily dwellings? Are there signs of disrepair and decay? If so, explain. Are there vacant dwellings? If so, explain.
Social System
Are there schools in the area? Are they in good repair? Are there parks and outdoor recreation opportunities? What churches are in the community? What schools, community centers, clinics, or other services for the community are provided by the churches? Does the community have public transportation that provides accessible service? What supermarkets and stores are available in the neighborhood? Is there evidence of police and fire protection in the area? Are there social agencies?

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