Describe the career roles and opportunities available in the ECEC sector in Ireland: Work Experience Childcare Assignment, OC, Ireland

Planning and Preparation 

Describe the career roles and opportunities available in the ECEC sector in Ireland
Describe the types of organizations that make up this sector
Analyse the key challenges and opportunities facing the ECEC sector as a whole
Outline work-related issues and needs that may arise

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2. Audit of skills relevant to the ECEC sector

Complete a detailed audit of skills relevant to a role in the ECEC sector to include Personal skills.
Interpersonal skills (3 marks), and professional skills
Identify your learning goals and action points for completing work experience based on gaps identified in your skills audit
(FYI… At the moment, I have an L6 SNA diploma and am busy with an L5 Child Development course.)

3. Finding Employment in the Sector

 Identify strategies to assist in finding employment, include evidence in your portfolio of an online job search on an appropriate website
Write a Curriculum Vitae tailored for a role in ECEC
Prepare a letter of application for a role as a full-time ECEC practitioner
Prepare a sample e-mail applying for a role as a full-time ECEC practitioner to which you would attach your CV – Include a statement/contract outlining your contractual obligations

4. Rights and Responsibilities 

Describe the basic rights and responsibilities of employees and employers in the ECEC sector:- – Health, safety and welfare at work
Equality legislation – the child care act
Child Protection Legislation  – Data protection ) GDPR legislation

5. Conclusion

Provide a conclusive outline of how your learning on this module has:- – Prepared you to find work in the ECEC sector
Prepare you to engage in work in the ECEC sector

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