5N2770: You are working in a busy 46-bed nursing home and today you are on the early shift Today: Care Skills Assignment, Ireland

You are working in a busy 46-bed nursing home and today you are on the early shift. Today, you are assigned to Mrs Catherine Stanley. As you read through the nursing notes you see that Mrs Stanley is new to your floor. She is 72 and has had diabetes for over ten years.

She also had a stroke four years ago which has mildly impaired her speech and given her weakness in her left arm which means she has difficulty raising it above shoulder level. Mrs Stanley uses dentures and walks with the aid of a stick. She requires minimal assistance support for transfers and toileting, however requires full assistance for meals.

Mrs Stanley requires some assistance with eating and the provision of a coeliac diet. In the demonstration of your skills, you will be assessed in a broad range of practical skills as described in the specific learning outcomes. You are required to assist Mrs Stanley in her morning routine and ensure she has her breakfast in the dining room and then assist her to return to her bedroom.

Title: Skills Demonstration

This assessment gives the learner the opportunity to demonstrate their skill level by completing a range of tasks. This skills demonstration may be completed while on work placement or simulated in a classroom if a work placement option is not available.

Note: Each of the 6 tasks are allocated 10 marks, giving 60 marks for all 6 tasks  Organise your submission under the following headings.

Task I – Interactions – greeting, appropriate communication used throughout skills demonstration, evidence of empathy, respect, patience, maintaining independence as much as possible

Task 2 – Toifeting and Continence Promotion – assist with shower, hair care, oral hygiene, confirm toileting routine, elimination and continence

Task 3 – Grooming and Dressing – assist with dressing and hair care, makeup if requested, respecting choices and decisions made by Mrs Stanley

Task 4 — Eating and Drinking – guide Mrs Stanley to the dining room and ensure appropriate seating, assist with breakfast choices remembering her dietary requirements and providing assistance as required.

Task S – Mobility – Assess mobility, provide support and assist with mobility throughout task

Task 6 — Recording – Using the progress notes provided, record the detail of one aspect of the routine e.g. toileting or dressing, remember to provide all relevant detail.

aim competence Of working with the person described.  samoM Case Shutt it is necessary Michael Murphy IS a 76-year-old mon. He suffers from arthritis in his hands and knees, high blood pressure, anxiety and has a history of a minor stroke 6 years ago.

He hasn’t seen his GP in 2 years and gets his prescription from the receptionist in the surgery every 3 months. He has been on the some meditations for 2 years. He often gets confused about which medications he needs to take and at which time. He lives alone in o house that he rents from the local county council in a large estate in the town.

The estate sees o lot of anti-social behaviour and this frightens Michael. His wife died 6 SI years ago. He cries whenever she is discussed in conversations. He does not have any other family living near him. His two sons are married with children and both live a significant distance away. His house is two storied with on upstairs bathroom.

It has a large garden which is becoming overgrown and inaccessible to Michael. He has lost a lot of weight in the lost 4 years and may now be underweight. He eats tea and toast mostly as he cannot cook. Michael does not have any aids or appliances to help him in his home.

Description of the person and their Interests. A comprehensive description of the person’s *merest” – detail discussions you had with the person when choosing the activity How was the decision reached (5 mark,) Suitability of Outing/Activity.

Research the activity/location and ensure It is a suitable choice. Identify any assistance the person may require while taking part. Consider mobility issues, Wieling. dietary requirements and assistance with eating. suitable travel arrangements it needed, length of time away I am home/Centre, health and safety issues Record the findings (S masks) Implementation and Review.

Describe the following taking part in the activity, benefit to the person, Arry issues arising, and how they were dealt with. How did you to promote privacy, dignity, respect, and independence? positive set-image and confidentiality, (S Marks) Reflection. Take some tone to reflect on this activily/Outing, were there any benefits to the person? did you nonce anything in particular about the person, how do you feel about It, what have you learned about the person and yOursell while doing this activity/outing (5 marks)

Case Study It necessary

Ann Rogers is a 28 year old lady.

She was involved in a head on collision while driving her car to work 4 years ago. She was paralysed below the waist in this occident. Ann was unable to return to her employment as a chef in a busy hotel.

Ann often has nightmares and flashbacks of the occident which upset her considerably.

Ann lives with her parents in a 3 bedroom bungalow in a small rural village. She finds it hard to fit the wheelchair through doorways and to use the shower as they have not been adopted to suit Ann’s needs due to financial reasons.
Her friends have stopped coming to see her os often os they used to do and she feels lonely as a result.

Her parents are both in their late 50’s now and worry about what will become of Ann if something were to happen to them.

Ann has been relying on her parents to take her to hospital appointments and physio since her accident as she cannot drive the car herself as it is a manual drive vehicle.

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