The differences in the Synoptic Gospels

For our final Complete assignment, you will need to write a comprehensive APA Analysis paper utilizing all the knowledge you have gained in our New Testament course. Please make sure to implement topics from units 5, as well as the content from Units 1-4 into your final paper for the entire course. If you need support on how to formulate your APA Analysis paper, you may refer to your APA Template under the Resource tab or contact the CPS Librarians. Please refer to your grading rubric for guidance. Upon completion you will click on the Dropbox tab to submit your paper for grading.

Be sure and cover topics such as:

  • The literary genres of the New Testament and their representative books
  • The differences in the Synoptic Gospels and the ways in which they differ from the Gospel of John
  • A definition of the Gospel message and how it was spread throughout the region in the first and second centuries
  • Overview of the ministry of Paul and the other early Church leaders
  • Definition for the term pseudonymity and explain its practice among Hellenistic-Jewish and early Christian writers.
  • Early heresies of the church and the ways in which they were fought against
  • The imagery and literary characteristics of Apocalyptic writings, particularly those found in the Revelation of John

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