Music Technology and the Future

Thread Prompt: Streaming services enable music lovers the ability to find more, new, and different/unfamiliar music. In turn, this creates potential revenue for the artist if there are enough streams or if new listeners eventually purchase the songs or albums. On the other hand, musicians need to make money before producing more music, embarking on a tour, or creating merchandise, all primary sources of music-related income for Western popular artists in the twenty-first Century

What are the potential risks? If music-making is no longer deemed worth the effort beyond it being a hobby, free market economics suggest that fewer musicians will create and release material. This suggests that popular music will continue to become more disposable, which leads investors—in this case, record companies—to mitigate risk by taking fewer chances on unknown commodities. Due to concerns about revenue margins, record companies would be inclined to promote and support fewer artists who have wider appeal (more bang for the buck) over an expanded list of smaller artists. However, while part of this theory is observable in how few musicians are given radio airplay, new music continues to be created and released by unknown artists due, in part, to the improvement and ubiquity of home-recording technology.

In this Discussion, you will formulate an argument on the benefits and the drawbacks of the current state and direction of music production and availability. In this thread, you must:

Identify the current state and direction of the popular music industry
Present the positions of those who are pro-streaming versus those who are anti-streaming services.
Find and present examples of artists on both sides of the production and streaming arguments.
Form and support your position as a music consumer who is a Christian.
Lastly, you must at least consider the problems of your argument, regardless of what position you take. There are no wrong answers for this last point, but you must at least address the prompt.


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