Who are the stakeholders?



When you describe the business in your proposal answer to the following questions (an example of a proposal posted in Files > Project Examples):
Why is the business interesting and important? You can support your arguments by reporting numbers and statistics of the relevant market and industry. For example, you can convincingly argue that business X is looking for the ways to improve their customer satisfaction or increase their sales revenue or the business X is growing its sales, etc. Eventually in this group project you will critically analyze business processes, create databases for the business, and provide recommendations to improve business processes.
What is the current situation for the business? For example, what is their annual revenue, how many customers/clients do they have, how many products do they make, what is their mission, vision, and goal, what product/service do they offer, where are they located, etc.
Who are the stakeholders? (business owners, management team, customers/clients, etc.)? What is their organizational structure? For example, business X has CEO, 20 engineers, 10 senior engineer, 5 departments, 5 HR staff, etc. For example customers of business X are in their 20’s and mostly from the Bay Area.



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