Prevalence in the U.S.


Explain what the issue is and why it is an important issue for the researcher to attend to (e.g. what are the personal and broader societal costs of the issue?), and how it is defined, characterized, and/or measured in the research literature
Describe the epidemiological statistics of the topic • Prevalence -how many people experience this issue in the U.S. and/or the world at any one time? What about over a lifetime? • How does the propensity to have the issue differ as a function of demographic factors such as gender, race, ethnicity, income, education, etc? • What is the typical age of onset of the issue? • What is the typical course of the issue (i.e. chronic vs. acute? What is the typical duration? Does it generally resolve on its own or is treatment usually necessary?
Describe the causes/predictors of the issue, the outcomes associated with the issue, and any correlations, associations, or comorbidities it may have with non-demographic variables
Identify and briefly describes evidence-based treatment intervention approach(es)and it’s/their degree of success in improving outcomes


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