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SITXCCS007 Enhance customer service experiences Assignment 1 Case Study 8. Select 4 of the potential problems you identified in Question 7. Imagine that these problems have been escalated to you to solve. What solutions could you implement to solve the customer’s immediate problem and also demonstrate high quality customer service (including replacements, refunds and alternatives) 10. Explain the procedures for dealing with conflict, outlining the steps and requirements for verbal and non verbal communication. What are your responsibilities as a supervisor/manager? 12. Develop a customer feedback form which would allow collection of: a. Details of customers to establish a database b. Responses to questions enquiring about the product and services you provide in your service area c. Additional comments or feedback from customers d. Special preferences of a customer 13. Explain how you will evaluate this feedback form, how you would utilise the collected data and how this would be useful to develop an ongoing customer relationship. 14. List 3 examples for customer with special needs or disabilities you may encounter in your work area. What are special requirements are likely for the examples you have provided? 15. List 3 factors which must be considered when you need to compensate a customer to ensure both, the interest of the business and the customer are satisfied?

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